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Oct. 5th, 2007

check 1, 2, 3

micro ok?... micro?...
can you hear me ok in the back?...
alpha bravo charlie
1, 2, 3
sound ok

Feb. 9th, 2007

(no subject)

Ha! I quit my job, there's a billionaire from the Ritz who hired me to teach him computer stuff, i'm paid one million per month.
Friday is the day when dreams should be summoned, I decided.
Litterature classes should teach students how to write their dreams, not how to read how past maniacs wrote their own twisted ideas.

Nov. 24th, 2006


ignast - hop zo fele
dam jo tar
zip sto feoulio

Aug. 20th, 2006

a letter -in french- I sent to an old school friend

Cher Paul,
Read more...Collapse )

not sure yet, will post soon something readable

  no posting in a while, just came back from french vacation - - - jet lag, sweet sensation

 french: de l'importance vitale des moments d'inspiration

     I wish I could write like on a real piece of paper, with my own wording, scripting

 association - -              

                   j'ai reve des enfants, ecrire

dans un peu plus longtemps

PS: need translation, french <--> english ? web site ? want to open your own company ? Other ideas ?

Feb. 25th, 2006

Populus Manifesto

The future of the society is in a responsibilization of the people towards itself and the parallel desire of the people to help others and use others to get help. This will be possible as people will have more confidence between themselves, more confidence in them. The increase in interpersonal communication of the modern civilization should contribute to make all realize, from an early stage, that we are all equal. The project of civilization has gone far in gathering us in an architecture of rules and environments that we never choose. For the social contract to be intact and viable, working fluently as an engine, we must get advantage of it, of the social promiscuity, of the forced gatherings (school, work, urbanization, nation) and build corresponding social structures on top of the natural ones (family, friends). As members of social structures, we need, can and have to request the social links to be in effect and bring us goods and relative wealth.
As a consequence the social network must force us to depend on each other, to expect human interaction, artificially built, with real results. The communist project cannot and couldn't succeed without the will of the people to share, to merge forces, to feed social constructs on multiple levels.
The system {government - individual / world job market / world population} is like a planetary system : none of the elements exchange anything but cohabit by arbitrary rules. The system lives with ghastly missing links, appalling emptiness and disarticulation.
Capitalism is successful in that it does lead some societies/groups to better living condition and intellectual, scientific progress but with the cost of garbage, friction, vast internal chaos : 3 steps forward, 2 steps backward...etc.
That said, it might be well fit for the current mind set of the people. Let's look around us, can we imagine our neighbors sharing their properties, their wealth? (And here goes ussr...)
A proposition is to establish responsibility based on geographical localisation : according to the law, I would be responsible for the people around me, responsible if my neighbor becomes a murderer, if he's sick, as much as I can be humanly in touch : responsibility does not imply to bare the pain load, but at least to be able to tell, to respond. I am able to respond about my surroundings, I can see and I understand and I can at least talk about it. I assess immediate situations, along with others, I can exchange my understanding about it. This would mean that society assumes you have a basic education and understanding of its structure. In that respect, society currently treats all of us as invalids, dead.
Vote, as the only legal commandment, is a mockery, or a sophism, or an illusion.
No action is required from us, not one.
The society has the duty to make us responsible of ourselves, we have the duty to force the society to be responsible for itself.

Jul. 7th, 2005

prepare for oversmile

VALENTINO, mon petit chien trop chou !

TINO, my doggy-doggy ! or beware to die of overcuteness !

Pomeranian, almost 4 months, less than 2 pounds, color

Apr. 13th, 2005

(no subject)

yesssss, so, just for my lj friends, a disclosure, some elements of information : sooooo, yessssssssssss, nicole and i are out of bay areay suburbs (namely the small, rich and old walnut creek) for, finally, yesss, THE city, San Francisco, inside an appartment, right next to the deep center of tourism, Union Square (BUT : the hill we are located on makes us exempt from babies, oldies, crippled, wheelchairs, lazy and (pleonasm) tourists), right in front the Ritz-Carlton, our windows facing the rising sun, one block next to interesting and dense Chinatown. I have now internet, a home, some peace. in various order:
o I drove a rented truck in the dawn, without my license, and it was fun, even to drive against the traffic (yes, in the opposite direction where cars go, until I spotted them coming to get me. i wasn't in the mood for a "chicken run", I guess)
o there is plenty of crap in the appartment, AND all the boxes are now opened so we/I have to organize AND clean at the same time. What's the name in english of this game where you have a set of sliding squares with only one square left empty, and you have to reconfigure the squares to recreate a drawing ? Well, it's exactly the same problem here.
o nicole has bought some clothes today, AGAIN...pffff
o I like chinese food
o I want to make plenty of friends

Apr. 6th, 2005

Mr. / Mrs. / Mss.

cross-posted in a comment about the use of "Mr/Mrs/Mss" by teachers, professors and instructors :

Hmm, I have never been an official teacher yet, but somehow (due to respect and memory of my grand-father, who taught to little and grown-up kids in the 40's to 70's in a very old-fashioned formal manner, with "vous" and "Monsieur"/"Mademoiselle"/"Madame", and perhaps due to the idea of creating a space (the classroom) full of diginity to the act of teaching/learning)) I would like to use "Mr/Mrs" with my students, if I had some. Indeed it would even create a 3rd objection to the two you mentionned, the difficulty to make personnal communication possible between the student and teacher (such communication being sometimes good or necessary, it seems to me), but... I don't know.. I think it's just that I felt SO MUCH being treated like crap as a pupil and student... I mean, what is a student, if not someone that everybody else is waiting for the end of his/her learning process to finally be "someone" in the "real" world of work. I mean, every possible medias only talk about working people (stars, soldiers, politicians, business people) and work life (accomplishments). Student life is a period of void, of waiting, of being mentally pushed and pulled, of holding no responsibility whatsoever except the physicaly and morally (mentally unattainable until adult life) burden of your own self. A waiting room where the student's future, next social class, next world, is painted invisibly and painfully by ghostly forces, appearing from times to times in the expression of marks, tests, teacher's comments, and dreams and nightmares. To this I would like to create opposition field, as a teacher I would like to teach confidence and respect. I want to teach how to see yourself as being somebody else. If my name were "John Smith", "Mr Smith" would seem somebody else, somebody to be respected, yet it would be me. To teach displacement.

no time to write more, gotta go to the gym.

Apart of that, I'm ok, situation is : stilly happily married, got a job a few days ago (waiting for the contract), found a place in san francisco. will update if audience requires it.

Feb. 17th, 2005

GAMES : be amazed by the similitudes ! Find the ugly duck !



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